How To Find A Gas Plumber

How To Find A Gas Plumber

If you’ve decided to take on a home renovation project that includes gas in the kitchen or living room then it is very important that your new installation is done by a qualified plumber. Installing gas lines requires precise measurements and when placed incorrectly, leaks can occur releasing deadly amounts of carbon monoxide into your home.

As with most professional trades, it is often difficult to find a reliable gas plumber. Here are some tips on how to find a qualified professional with the right tools and skills for your job.

Steps To Finding A Gas Plumber


1. Ask For Recommendations From Friends And Family Members

First, ask around among friends and family members if they happen to know of any reputable gas plumbers. Sometimes the best recommendations come from people you know and trust which can make finding a trusted company easier.

2. Check With The Local Contractor’s Association

If you are not able to find any recommendations locally, then contact your local association for contractors or subcontractors to see if they have any suggestions for reliable plumbers. Many associations have strict requirements for their members to adhere to and will often disqualify companies that are known for shoddy work or incomplete projects.

3. Ask For Recommendations From Local Real Estate Professionals

Another excellent resource for finding a gas plumber is by asking your local real estate agents if they happen to know of any good plumbers. Real estate professionals deal with a lot of home buyers and sellers who may need new gas lines installed, repaired or inspected.

4. Post For Recommendations On Bulletin Boards And Social Networks

Many tradesmen can be found taking work outside of their normal circles and oftentimes post announcements on bulletin boards in the lobbies of local grocery stores or factory shops. These boards are often used by tradesmen looking for work or extra tools and can be a great resource to find plumbers

NRJ Plumbing gas plumbing services are the best. Other avenues include asking your local utilities for recommendations, calling on senior centers to ask about any upcoming installations or renovations being done by seniors, and contacting any unions you may be a member of. The more options you have when looking for a qualified professional will increase your chances of finding a reputable company.